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Experience Val Thorens and the Belleville Valley from a birds-eye view, flying on a tandem paramotor! A paramotor is a motorized paraglider that enables a pilot and passenger to climb in altitude and stay airborne for as long as they want. Enjoy an unforgettable aerial view as you soar above the valley at a comfortable speed of 35km/hr. Your pilot, Timothy Green, will tailor the flight to your sense of adventure, whether it be a smooth panoramic flight over the valley and resort or an exhilarating acrobatic flight. Weather permitting, you can even fly over some of the summits and glaciers in the area to witness an amazing panoramic view of the Massifs de la Maurienne, the Tarentaise, the Vanoise all the way to the Mont Blanc and the Ecrins mountain ranges. To reserve your flight, please contact Ski Cool up to 3 days before the the day you want to fly so we can double-check the weather to give you the best flight time and date possible...

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Flight Options

High Yield

Scenic Flight

Enjoy a smooth 30min panoramic flight over the valley and resort. Suitable for everyone, even beginners !!! (max weight 100kg)

Price: €120

GoPro Video

Scenic Flight & Video/Photos

Take home a HD GoPro video/photo souvenir and share the adventure with your friends and family! (price includes a 8gb SD card)

Price: €170

High Yield

Acrobatic Flight

For adventurers and adrenaline lovers, we offer exhilarating acrobatic flights performing wing overs and/or spirals, guaranteed to liven things up!

Price: €150

GoPro Video

Acrobatic Flight & Video/Photos

Take home a HD GoPro video/photo souvenir and share the adventure with your friends and family! (price includes a 8gb SD card)

Price: €190


Offer an Unforgettable Gift Certificate

Give the gift of flight ! Offer your friend or family something he or she will never forget, a tandem paramotor gift certificate ! CLIQUEZ ICI

Réserver et Payer Plus Tard

Réservez maintenant et effectuez le paiement en espèces, par chèque ou par virement bancaire au bureau du Skicool. Votre réservation sera en ATTENTE jusqu'à ce que le paiement soit effectué au bureau SkiCool. CLIQUEZ ICI


The Pilots

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Tim Green

Certified tandem paramotor pilot with over 10 years of experience as a professional pilot. At the age of 16, he received a private Pilot's License and starting paragliding shortly thereafter, quickly progressing to acrobatics.  He moved to Chamonix in 2004 and started synchronized acrobatic paragliding with his twin brother, Anthony.  They placed 11th in the World Aerobatic Championships in 2006, 1st in the Swiss Championships 2009 and 1st again at the Chamonix Vol et Ski Competition in 2010. Delving into his unique skill set, Tim started his own media/production company, Cloudbase Productions, focusing on aerial cinematography captured from his tandem paramotor.


Ant Green

Another certified tandem paramotor/paraglider pilot/instructor in France and UK. Also works as a safety test pilot, designing and developing paraglider and paramotor wings at Bruce Goldsmith Design. All the wings used at flyME paramotoring were designed and tested by Ant. During the weekends he teaches paragliding at his local flight school. In 2015 he broke the world record for tandem paramotor maximum altitude and has outstanding results in acrobatics, vol et ski, and cross country paragliding. He is an avid free-ride skier and constantly pushes the limits of all his sports while maintaining a impeccably safety record.

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Sylvain Moisseron

Acteur savoyard bien connu du vol libre au nord du Lac du Bourget vient de franchir le pas de l’hélicoptère Classe 6. Il a donc renommé son centre école de parapente et de paramoteur : « Parapente Hélico Service ». Ancien compétiteur de niveau mondial en paramoteur, Sylvain est instructeur de cette spécialité mais aussi de pendulaire et de multi-axe, en plus d’être moniteur international de parapente.

Don't Forget to Bring

High Yield

Boarding Pass from SkiCool

High Yield

Skis or Snowboard

GoPro Video

Warm Clothes and Gloves

High Yield

Scarf and Goggles

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